How to explain what a sunset in Tenerife is?

We could explain that it is when the rotation of the earth crosses the horizon plane and the star passes from the visible to the invisible hemisphere. And in the case of our dear sun, it means that the day has come to an end.

However, when we live it; what we experience is an explosion of colour, a magical moment that from some places becomes a picture that we will always keep in our memory.

In Tenerife, the sunsets are incredibly spectacular: the brightness of the sun merging with the blue horizon will make you fall crazily in love with our island.

Where can you enjoy a truly magical sunset without leaving the south of Tenerife?

We know that you still don’t feel like driving after a long day exploring the island or relaxing in our pools and that’s why we have good news for you: no! You need to go far, or even leave the hotel to experience the best Hard Rock sunset!

The Sixteenth

On our top floor, you can find the best sky bar on the island. You just have to take the elevator and rise to our own heaven.

Atardecer en Tenerife Sur

From there you will see the sunset behind La Gomera and with that intense palette of colours delighting your pupils, your favourite cocktail in your hand and our shows and live music several days at the week; We will make you not want to miss it the rest of the days of your stay (or life).

Definitely, a place to visit in Tenerife.

El Puertito de Armeñime

Not far from Hard Rock Tenerife there is a place to which the local people have much appreciation: El Puertito.

A quiet place where you can get away from the tourist bustle and with the sunset enjoy the silence that makes it one of the most privileged places to enjoy the end of the day.

The best: you can arrive in just 5 minutes by car and as a whim, you can bathe or dive if you feel like it while watching that beautiful sunset.

Las Américas Beach 

Playa Las Américas

You have not been to Tenerife if you have not walked through Playa de Las América. Going together as a couple, running, families… in Playa Las Américas there is always life… Another place to visit in Tenerife that you cannot miss.

During the day you can surf the waves, shopping or enjoy a pleasant walk by the sea like a real Hollywood star among its shops, bars and even continue being a rockstar at Hard Rock Café Tenerife.

As the sun approaches, the golden tone of the sun is reflected in the blue of the sea creating a magical effect that will give way to the night and its nightlife.


We could not miss among our recommendations the highest volcano in the Canary Islands. At the foot of the Teide volcano, you can see a beautiful sunset that will precede a unique view of the stars.

A visit that you can not miss between August 11 and 13, 2019, when the meteor shower or Perseids will take place. A place to get carried away by the mysteries of the universe while making a wish from the hand of your favourite person. A place to visit in Tenerife that you should cross off from your list.