Are you thinking about your next holidays?

Tenerife must be on your DOTO list for this year. It’s warm, people are amazing and the island is full of beautiful spots you can’t miss.

Of course there are much more than 5 reasons to visit Tenerife, but this is our TOP 5, exluding the most important reason that we are opening a new Hard Rock Hotel in Tenerife (Adeje).

TOP 5 Reasons:
1. Hot all year around
No matter when you travel or when are your holidays, you can enjoy the best weather in the world in Tenerife. Isn’t it perfect? Summer never quites the island, we should do the same!

2. Nature & Adventure
Get ready to walk and stand next to the Mount Teide, Spain’s highest peak and third largest volcano in the world.

If you prefer to scuba dive, you’ll find turtles, dolfins, whales and an amazing underwater wildlife.

Also by night, we’ll be amazed by the stars in the sky. Tenerfie is a Starlight Toursit Destination due to its minimal light pollution.

You’ll never get bored in Tenerife, it’s a gift to spend 10-15 days there.

3. Family and Kids
Tenerife will please children of all ages, and adults too! We have at the Hotel all kind of rocker activities for our little guests… You’ll have time to take care of yourself while we are with them.

A very important thing is that most of flights are direct from capital cities so it’s much more easier to travel with kids.

And finally do you know Siam Park? It’s one of the largest waterparks of Europe!! The best playground for your kids and also for you… You’ll really love it!

4. Carnival
The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is held each February in Santa Criz de Tenerife and attracts people from all over the world.

It is considered the second most popular and internationally known carnival, after the one held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

5. Gastronomy
Tenerife has all the ingredients to make your holidays perfect. It’s all culture and tradition. People of Tenerife have not only taken care of their cuisine they also adapt the gastornomy to current times.

From fresh fish soaked in local wine to a “puchero” prepared with vegetables and cheese… Tenerife’s cuisine is a mix of tsates and blends to create food wich appeals to the most demanding palate.

Remember, Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife will be waiting for you from October 15th in Adeje!

Because now louder than ever! Tenerife, your summer amplified