Crystal clear waters, good weather and unique species 

Within the wide range of experiences and activities, you can do in Tenerife, snorkelling or diving are a great alternative. The temperature of its water, between 18 and 24ºC, makes it perfect for swimming, makes the dive perfect all year.

The least concern is where; more than 60 areas and investment points are waiting for you. In Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife we make it easy for you, not only with initiation activities within our sports experiences but also managing your excursion with external companies that best suit your needs.

Grottos, bends, reefs… the secrets of the sea will open to your eyes and you only have to meet those colourful, bright, fun and unique animals that will leave you speechless under the sea.

Calderon Tropical 

One of the top that all divers would like to see pass by under the sea. With it is up to 3 thousand kilos, it makes it the largest species you can see in the waters of Tenerife.

In the south of our island, habits a fairly important colony and that can mainly be seen by boats prepared for it, although they certainly impress their images from the sea.

Bottlenose Dolphins

Recognizable by its dark grey colour, they inhabit the depths of the Canary Islands and can reach more than 2.5 meters.

Calderone’s or pilot whales

With more than 500 species between the waters of La Gomera and Tenerife, we could say that in the south of the island they are in its element.

They can reach almost 7 meters and the area where it is easier to see them is on the cliffs of the giants.

Caretta turtle

Its name in Spanish “boba” is due to the ease way which it can be captured by its fishermen and is now in danger of extinction.

Finding one will be a memory that you can save with love from your trip.

Eagle ray

He lives in areas with more sand and can be dangerous. Its size can reach more than a meter and a half.

Uranoscopus scaber

At the bottom of the sea, it hides, many times even below 200 meters. However, be very careful If you find them diving in Tenerife!

The electric shocks produced by its spines can be very dangerous.


A curious fish that you will identify by its teeth that protrude from its mouth and that give it a doggy appearance.


Warm water is the favourite medium for jellyfish and for this reason, you cannot forget them on your dive.

Their bites can be very annoying and can make you abandon your diving experience.

Sea urchin

It could look, but it can´t be touch! Keep your hand away to the fullest of these curious animals because you will regret it later.

Red, blue, mottled … Diving in Tenerife is a unique experience, even if you practice it a thousand times, which will take you to discover different species every day. Are you going to miss it?