At Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife They will be our little stars.

Say no more goodbye to the teary eyes of your pet when you go on vacation, with The Animal Instinct your best friend can rock at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife and surely he deserves this getaway as much as you.

If your dog weighs less than 10 kg, or even is a piglet 😊, you will be welcome in our facilities and you can add The Animal Instinct to your Book on our website or in our Call Center.

Once your pet lands at our Hard Rock Tenerife resort, he will live in an authentic dog paradise with his own bed and welcome snacks that will make him feel one more of our band.

Thanks to our exclusive room service The Animal Instinct, you will have at your disposal authentic delights that will make you feel hungry: veal with vegetables, cream of chicken or fish of red fruits will be the main dishes of our menu, but not the only thing.

In its menu, you can ask for some caprices for the most cheesy little ones such as bacon strips, chicken bones with beef skin, turkey carpaccio, dried fish … and even special white chocolate for them!

Did you leave any accessories for your walk or your stay at the hotel?

Do not panic! The unexpected situations are part of our life and a good opportunity to discover new toys and accessories for real celebrities like our pets.

Your pet in our resort in Tenerife will have a wide selection of basic products that you can order directly in your room: straps, dental kits, beds, blankets…

Not without my rock suit!

In our Rock Shop, you will also find its own collection of accessories only suitable for the most adorable dogs: suits, scarves, necklaces, toys … It will be the coolest of your four-legged friends!

We know your pet needs attention, but you deserve this rest too!

If you need help to walk your dog, we will offer you the services of a professional walker, information about the best walking areas and other tips such as the nearest veterinarians, pet stores, activities for them …

What can you do with your dog in Tenerife?

Walks, Spa, beaches… In Tenerife, you will find everything you need for your pet.

The contact with nature is what our pets value most, for them to walk with us while we enjoy the environment is their favourite activity.

Tenerife has many trails and natural areas with great contrasts that neither you nor your best friend wants to miss.

Our recommendations? A walk through Red Mountain and end up in Playa del Confital, enabled for our pets to take a dip, can be a fun and unforgettable plan for everyone.

What are the best dog beaches in Tenerife? El Callao / Las bajadas (Arona), El Puertito de Guimar Beach (Güimar) or El Confital Beach (Granadilla de Abona).

If you go with your pet to one of these beaches remember that there are some basic rules of coexistence and hygiene that we must always comply with. And keeping the beaches and environments clean is everyone’s responsibility.

Although if you want your pet to receive a massage, aromatherapy or visit an authentic dog spa at a resort in Tenerife exclusive only for them: It is also possible!

Terms & Conditions:
* The Animal Instinct is only available to dogs and small pigs that weigh no more than 10 kg.
* Prices and conditions are subject to availability during the time of reservation.
* For further information please contact our Call Center.