Immerse yourself into volcanic nature and its thousands of dreaming landscapes

Approaching nature with children is possible with these routes in Tenerife.

Beyond being a beach destination, we have landscapes and trails that invite you to be family tours.

The difficulty of all these trails is diverse and ranges from high to low, but we can choose the latter to make different routes in Tenerife and spend a fun day discovering different landscapes.

We share three simple routes, in which the small Roxstar will be the protagonists of our stay at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife. Inside and outside our facilities.

We know you will not want to leave our Roxity Kids Club and the activities that we have prepared in our mini club, but connect with such a volcanic environment completely different from north to south as you can find in these routes of Tenerife will be a unique experience that you should not miss. 

Senses Trail (Anaga Rural Park)

This path that is in the Anaga Rural Park immerses us in a fairytale forest that we can travel with all the senses.

Thanks to them we will discover the strength of the place and the history of those who toured it in the past connecting Anaga with La Laguna.

The laurel forests that we find in the Anaga Rural Park being declared a Biosphere Reserve. Its short journey, which does not reach an hour even with children, has simple sections and notes that help us connect with nature.

Its didactic essence will invite us to smell, but also to play. And although to breathe deeply its aroma we close our eyes and stop to listen to the tranquillity and song of the birds.

The best will come when you open your eyes and admire that beautiful landscape of one of the shortest routes in Tenerife, but adapted for all ages.

With signs, they will tell us what to see (eye), what to hear (ear), what to touch (hand) or what to smell (nose). All this will be like a game that will entertain the little ones and connect them with the environment.

Bosque de Agua García with children.

Within this Agua García Forest, you will find one of the most captivating trails on the routes in Tenerife: “The Centennial Guardians Trail”.

Its name is due to the centenarians Viñátigos (Persea Indica) that you will find on the sidelines of its roads.

One of the secrets you will find on this path is Las Cuevas de Toledo y Cristales that will not leave you indifferent. Its labyrinthine route was excavated in the 16th century to obtain the necessary material to make glass.

The Special Natural Reserve of Malpaís de Rasca

In the region of Arona, You can find this area of great ecological interest and that will undoubtedly surprise you with its volcanic landscape and in which you will need your boots! Do not leave them at home.

The starting point is in Palm-Mar until the start of the route sign. The estimated time to complete the route with tranquillity is about three to four hours, so do not forget your water and something to eat for the little ones.

At the end of the route, we will arrive at Rasca Lighthouse and that will be our point to continue with its striking reds and whites that will appear as we go into it.

A landscape with cliffs, the sea and the native fauna of the south of the island with cactuses and other native plants among the remains of cabins of former settlers that will take you to connect with the history of the island.

These three ideas that we propose are just a sample of the different routes in Tenerife that you can live as a family, an adventure for real rockers explorers. You sign up?