Life is like a wave, feel its energy and get carried away by it  

Waves, good weather and a wild spirit … Surfing in Tenerife is one of the favourite activities of our rockers and is that the good weather and the sea invite it.

  • Bodyboard and surf
  • Paddle surf
  • Windsurfing
  • Kitesurf

In Tenerife we are not satisfied with& only surfing: bodyboard, paddle; surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing will test if you want to challenge yourself with a new sport to try your adrenaline on the waves.

Body Board and Surf  

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For the most classic surfers, there is nothing like riding a wave over and over again or at least trying.

In Tenerife, thanks to its greater relief, it offers a great variety of beaches with access to waves on which you can test your skill on the board.

For many surfers in Tenerife is a tradition that takes them to some beaches like Almáciga, Benijo, Martiánez, El Socorro (Güimar), Playa Grande (El Porís), El Cabezo (El Médano), El Confital (together to La Tejita), El Guincho (Playa Las Américas) or Punta Blanca.

In all these areas you can find surf companies in which to rent your board, sign up for some collective classes or hire a professional to help you surf the sea with security.

Paddle surf  

Will you prefer something more relaxed?

We have the perfect means of transport to take a ride around the sea while testing your stability and challenging the waves: Paddle Surf.

Surf tenerife, Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, Surfear en Tenerife, Surf en Tenerife sur, Kitesurf, Paddle surf, kayak

Where can you practice it? Caleta de Adeje, Palm-Mar, Las Galletas, Los Cristianos, Los Gigantes, Las Teresitas Beach, Radazul.


If you can’t adjust the wind, you can adjust your sail and fly over the waves. The fun is guaranteed once you take it easy. Easy? Not much, but once you take the trick you won’t want to get off.

And most of those who try this sport is hooked to it and the best area to do it: El Médano . But not the only, also you can go to El Cabezo , La Tejita or Playa Las Américas.


It is said that those who do kite surfing fall, shake, get back up and smile at life. Are you one of them?

Gradually, thanks to the east wind, you will take speed and with the kite, at maximum power, you will get to fly! A high that will take you back to the water wanting more.

Surf tenerife, Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, Surfear en Tenerife, Surf en Tenerife sur, Kitesurf, Paddle surf, kayak

Kitesurfing is a relatively new sport if we compare it with surfing or windsurfing, but thanks to its greater flexibility with both the least wind you need to be able to practice it and in its much more manageable equipment; They have given it a greater role in our coasts.

The landscape of El Médano would not be understood without its colourful kites furrowing its winds.

You may be wondering if it would be possible to do it in other places, and like windsurfing, you can also practice it in El Cabezo , La Tejita or Playa Las Américas.

Finally, add that all these adventures with friends or family are much more pleasant, so much so that you can find paddle surfing for eight people in which fun is guaranteed.

Can you imagine all your friends trying to paddle at the same time in the same Paddle Surf?

The waves in Tenerife may seem noble when they are calm, but you must not forget that it also has powerful breakers. And the truth is that the Ocean can make us spend an unpleasant and dangerous time if we do not take into account our physical conditions and our level in the sport that we are going to perform before getting into the water.

That is why be accompanied by someone, sign up for some initiation classes and not expose ourselves to water for more than two hours can prevent fatigue and dehydration.

To enjoy surfing, we can’t forget to take care of ourselves!