Its richness and variety is found in its cuisine with the Caribbean and African flavours

In Tenerife, you will find a simple and tasty meal with local products that give each dish a unique value. In the tables of the Tinerfeños you will find authentic delights taken directly from the land (or the sea).

You already have a dream room booked at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, but you want to discover the island beyond our pools and its climate. We know that as good rockers you are excellence explorers and in Tenerife, you have a gastronomic journey to discover.

What to eat in Tenerife to feel the Canarian cuisine?

El Platano of the Canary Islands

Very rich in potassium and an intense flavour, this is the Canarian banana! With their unique pints and more than five centuries of cultivation, they make their fame a way of life that the canary is proud of.

In Tenerife, you can see its plantations that work throughout the year, and its optimal cultivation is developed at about 25 degrees of temperature and an altitude of at least 300 meters.

A crop that lasts about a year and that requires a lot of water, light and special conditions. Three hundred and sixty-five days of pampering that make eating a piece of this fruit in Tenerife helps us to have energy and good humour since the morning.

Papas arrugadas

Boiling potatoes is easy, but getting the texture of good wrinkle potatoes requires more than a handful of potatoes and boiling water.

The first thing that stands out about this traditional dish is its origin since they are tubers with a designation of origin protected by their age. And the variety used to make wrinkled potatoes comes from those first plants that came from America and are only preserved in the Andes, and the Canary Islands!

That’s how big and small the world is. These old potatoes are preserved in a lot of varieties with unique and surprising flavors: black potato, pretty potato, melonera, borralla …

Exclusive varieties of the Islands that even some restaurants grow in their gardens for their customers.


If it gives you a bit of a downturn, it could be a lack of gofio!

And it is that this superfood is the one that the first Canarian aborigines used for their day-to-day energy walking great kilometres while grazing their goats and that is still being used in each home of the islands for almost all the main meals.

From breakfast to the spoon dish, this mixture of roasted and ground stone grains with a pinch of salt is the basis of a lot of native dishes for their caloric intake.

What to start with? You can taste the gofio in its sweetest side accompanied by another of the star foods: goat cheese.

The sweet gofio gratin with cheese is a dish that will make you want to know a little more about its flavour and culinary qualities.

Mojo Picón

You’ll love it! Few people resist Mojo in any of its variants, and this sauce highlights the tastes of some Canarian products such as some fish, cheeses or their characteristic wrinkled potatoes.

Eating in Tenerife will be a discovery with each of its mojos: green fish mojo, coriander or parsley mojo, or red mojos that highlight the flavouring of the meat.

Fresh fish

The sea is also one of the great protagonists of Canarian cuisine and it is that being so close and with a maritime fauna as rich and unique as the one found in the Canary Islands it would be a sin not to mention some fish that you can only eat in Tenerife

Take note because these species will leave you with more desire for Ocean: Viejas, Samas, and Cherne. Take advantage!

I’m going to a Guachinche!

In Hard Rock Tenerife we have some of the Canarian delights and zero-km products at our buffet dinners in Sessions or à la carte restaurants, but if you want to explore the island a little we could not finish talking about eating in Tenerife without naming one of the hobbies of its natives: go to a guachinche!

The guachinches are a restaurant concept that you will only find on the island of Tenerife. What is guachinche? We could say that it is almost like going to eat at your Canarian grandmother’s house and it is such a homemade meal that you will feel at home.

The Guachinches were originally part of the houses of the Tinerfeños farmers who sold wine and made homemade meals for those who came to buy their wines.

Today they are regulated, but not to lose their true essence: homemade food, in traditional places and with water or house wine.

They are simple establishments, with very peculiar schedules that will bring you closer to the heart of the Canarian home at a very affordable price and with a unique charm that will turn the experience of eating in Tenerife into something you want to repeat again and again.